Cards and Marbles

6_side_board_5_good-425x391At Mackey Lake Dragonfly Engraving, we love playing board games and have developed our own custom version of the old time Cards and Marbles game using our laser engraver.

Cards and Marbles is a very popular board game played throughout the United States. It is a game of strategy, revenge, a little finesse and lots of luck. Cards and Marbles is played individually or in teams, and can be configured to play two, three, four, or six players. The object of the game is to be the first to move your five marbles around the board from your start area to your home area. Team players help their partners until one teams wins. Moves are determined by drawing cards. Jokers hold the most power of all. It’s a lot of fun playing with friends.

Custom Cards and Marbles Game Boards ($100 + shipping)

Our ready to play Custom Cards & Marbles game ($100) includes:

  • 6 game boards – engraved, interlocking board pieces (16″ x 4″ x 1/2″)
  • 30 marbles (five each of six colors)
  • 4 decks of playing cards
  • Shipping in the USA via USPS medium flat rate box, please contact us for international shipping

Chose your art and text:

For each game board (6 total), you can choose different art from the examples below, and provide your own custom text.


Living in Alaska, we have developed our Cards and Marbles game boards around Alaska and wildlife themes.  In the winter time we day dream about the beach, so we have a beach themed examples as well!  The links below are examples of artwork we have placed on game boards in the past.  We have also included suggested text for each artwork, but you can customize each board with your own text.

Alaska themed art examples

Wildlife themed art examples

Beach themed art examples

Miscellaneous art examples

Don’t see any artwork you like?

 Contact us with your ideas, we have access to hundreds of images and should be able to find one that suites your needs, any images we have on file can be used with no additional charge.

Although you may find artwork images online, or you may have your own image, they may or may not work in our programing. Additional charges may apply for converting your images, contact us for details if you have specific images. 

Email us to begin creating your custom Cards and Marbles game!

Examples of custom board pieces we have made

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